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Kaspar Triebstok

Technology Management

Kaspar is T-shaped software engineer and a technology manager. 

With the experience of having founded 3 tech companies, he has a high tolerance for risk.
Not shy of work and patience, he knows first hand that good things need to be built, together with engaged and passionate people.

Having both academical and business background, Kaspar has worked with companies in US, Europe and Asia.

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"The insights and analyses you have shared with us were especially helpful in learning and understanding the role of the private sector, as exemplified by organizations such as Practus, in promoting public sector digital transformation across the world."

Mr. Sagi Ganot-Shachar
Israeli Deputy Director at Ministry of Interior


"Kaspar has an amazing ability to analyze situations from different angles even under huge pressure or stress. He is able to express himself clearly, he is systematical, hardworking, solution-orientated, ambitious and a good listener with good empathy. He is open-minded, with a proactive attitude has a great ability to work independently and with diverse teams."

Ms. Katarina Künnapas
Technical Recruiter


"Special thanks to a great team: Alexandra Papageorga Chrelia, Prabitha Urwyler, Mihai Saftencu, Fabiano Izzo and in particular to Kaspar Triebstok for giving me the opportunity to contribute to Life Line."

Ms. Panayiota Panayi
Biomedical Scientist


My Work

My work in building teams, products and companies ranges from running a prop tech company and developing social network products to founding a coding school in Indonesia.

My focus is on building great products with driven teams. 


Technical Founder

Moowle is a property management technology company that works to remove obstacles in managing real estate online.


During fund-raising, helped the higher management with legalities in financial technology legislation and technology.  
Hired and trained the internal tech team to transition outsourced development in-house.


Nordic School of Technology

Nordic Tech is a technology institute providing Software Engineering education in Southeast Asia.

Handies Solutions

Handies provides a community and tools to help people monetize their skills.

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Technology, Partner
Rubiks Digital

Helped to pivot a mobile development agency into a digital innovation group.

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Further Clients

Life Line - Biometrics & blockchain, Team Lead.

Emerhub - Market entry SaaS platform, Tech Lead.

SprayCo - Digital Twin, Tech Consultant

Technology, Partner

Practus has grown to provide training programs and consulting services regarding digital governance to mainly public organisations from around the world. Our goal is to open up the Estonian experience of building a digital society to the world.


Latest In Writing


How IPFS is Challenging the Web as We Know It

Think of a world where 4k video streaming is bufferless, going offline doesn’t end your online workflow, where e-commerce is free for merchants and where governments cannot control Internet access.


PropTech 2.0, The  Shared Economy

The sharing economy in Real Estate is galvanized by the slow merger of the second and third space. People don’t work in the office that much anymore. Sharing Economy, of course, is not only affecting the Real Estate but also the transportation and labor markets.


The Revenue Models of WeWork

We Company has, over the years moved from lease length arbitrage to management fee collection to construction, and is now pivoting back to basics.


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